mercredi 13 juin 2012

The riots in Quebec: parodies or fiction?

The riots in Quebec are not new in itself, historic or contemporary in today's world. 
One should read the book by Mario Puzo "The Family" to understand that manipulation of people by violence has existed since the world is organized. The Puzzo book relates Borgia Pope (1492) but one can find many parallels between the current situations experienced both here in Quebec than in Russia or Syria. The common point is that everything goes through the leader and it's up to him to ensure a balance in organized life. Inevitably, his personal style is reflected in his actions as leader. 
Conclusion: Everything goes through the leadership! 
Happy reading... 
Photo 1: Poster by Mise en demeure ;
Photo2: Naked Protests at the Grand Prix F1 of Canada;
Photo 3: Parody of french magazine Clin D'Oeil;
Cover of Mario Puzo - The Family;
See site Mario Puzo book The Family ;

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