lundi 21 mai 2012

Jean Charest must call a Provincial Election in Quebec

By Bernard Bujold ( -
Violence in Montreal reached highs with demonstrations Sunday night (May 20, 2012) which lasted all night and with more 300 arrests. The rebels dispute the decisions of government Jean Charest and are asking his immediate resignation. 
After 27 consecutive nights of violent protest it is questionable how long will Jean Charest held up as Premier of Quebec even if he say that he do not intend to call a general election and that he intends to remain in office... 
The strategy of the students and the organized labor is increasingly obvious and, admittedly, well thought out! They are moving the debate from tuition fees to a debate focused instead on the resignation of Jean Charest. This is what is called in public relations: finding the right "spin". The strategy is very smart because if the people support the tuition increase by nearly 70%, polls also show that the population does not support Jean Charest as Prime Minister in the same proportion of about 70%. It is therefore appropriate to conclude that the degree of adhesion calling for his resignation will take a swing and especially progressive. For the Liberal Government the situation becomes complicated because you can state that students are too demanding, but one can not criticize someone who says he does not love you ... 
It will have to be seen but if the escalation of protest against Charest continues upward, he will have to call an election by the next few days to stop the protest. This is the only solution! 
To be continued. 
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