lundi 20 février 2012

Robert Bourassa and his biographers...

Former Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa (1933-1996) is presently the subject of intense media debate surrounding the publication of a biographical portrait by the author Georges Hébert Germain.
There are in reality many serious biographies of Robert Bourassa, three recent: the books written by journalist Julien Brault in 2010, the reissue of the two books of Jean Francois Lisée (first published in 1994) and the newest version by the Germain.
If there is a conclusion to all those biographies, it's that this former Quebec prime minister is like Bill Clinton. Indeed, Bourassa has been criticized throughout his career but he is always landed on his feet. His greatest achievement, yet highly controversial at the time of its creation in 1971 is the famous hydroelectric project in James Bay. He had lost his 1976 election, but he returned for a second term as prime minister in 1985 after being exiled to the United States and Europe as a teacher. But despite the obstacles, Robert Bourassa has always survived. This is the true definition of this politician: A surviver!
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