mercredi 29 février 2012

The Quebec singer Lara Brown

Jacques Racine, a former executive at Hydro-Quebec, is now communications consultant and he is convinced to have discovered the next Adele...
The artist is named Lara Brown, a singer redhead, and she will launch her second album in early March. The singer presents a show this Friday, March 2, 2012 at Place des Arts in Montreal.
You can watch a song from Lara, ZANZIBAR, on her website and learn more about the status of this young Quebec singer-songwriter.
We do not know if Lara Brown's career will be as phenomenal as the one of Adele but says Rene Angelil on Star Academy:
"Efforts, talent and perseverance are three elements responsible for the success an artist ... "
Good luck to Lara Brown!

Photo 1: Lara Brown ;
Photo 2: Jacques Racine et Lara Brown ;
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2 commentaires:

Lili a dit…

Right! Lara and Adele sparring for the top spot, each in their own way! But sssh! Don't tell René A!

One thing is sure - the little redhead has character! In fact I heard she has written a song about that - in English.

Lara Brown a dit…

Thank you so much for this blog... very flattering !! If you want to learn more you can go and check out my video clip of my first single of the next coming album (april 10th).