mercredi 6 juillet 2011

The verdict on the two murders committed by Dr. Guy Turcotte

The verdict on two murders committed by Dr. Guy Turcotte raises anger and some say with irony and ridicule that it's as bad in Quebec than in Egypt or Libya with Gaddafi ...
Imagine Quebec in 2011, police fatally shoot on pedestrians going quietly to their work ... and doctors kill violently their children with knives in bed ...
And ultimately, the perpetrators of these acts are not even punished!
The front cover of La Presse (July 6, 2011) is the most representative of the murder of two children killed by their father, Dr. Guy Turcotte.
Photo 1: Dr. Guy Turcotte;
Photo 2: Dr Isabelle Gaston (mother of children);
Photo 3: Gaddafi;
Photo 4: Police cars in Montreal;

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