lundi 4 juillet 2011

The end of the news website Rue Frontenac

The Internet information website Rue Frontenac ceased its operations marking the end of a dignified and beautiful adventure.
According to Bernard Bujold (the creator of, it is clear that the project proposed by a regional editor from the Eastern Townships could not function.
"I personally suggested to the founders of Rue Frontenac to target an institution such as Télé-Québec rather than a private contractor and especially not an small business because the Internet is all about convergence.
Rue Frontenac was a project too large for an small business.
I myself started in 2005, the website and even if our small group of four partners had succeeded in creating a database of 70,000 email addresses and a traffic of 4000 visitors per day on the website, we could not make the project profitable.
Without the convergence of a large media company like Quebecor, Gesca, Lagardère, News Corp., etc, it is impossible to make profit in a serious way.
The Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedInk take all their profits from the convergence and size. And again, they must always be proactive.
The example not to follow is the one of MySpace paid $ 580 million by Murdoch in 2005 and who had to give it away for $ 35 million in 2011.
When the group decided to stop in 2010, I received dozens offers from small business to buy the address list and the name We were offered amounts ranging from $ 500 to $10,000. Given the efforts of my group during 5 years, if we have accepted the offer from one of the small businesses, we would have make them a false gift and they would not have been better to assume the true mission than we (because of their lack of resources), and the project would had ended up in the garbage eventually ...
Instead, I preferred to keep the site as my personal blog and we (the group) have abandoned our dream of being a serious player on the Internet.
The people of Rue Frontenac could have made a blog with the site but because of too much debt and too large number of partners around the table, they could not act as I did.
I understand the deep disappointment of the people of Rue Frontenac (my friends) and their reaction to simply take back their texts and their copyrights.
Their efforts since 2009 were very impressive and commendable but the adventure is now complete. Such is life!
I hope to read you elsewhere and I wish everyone the best continuities! "

Photo1,2,3 : Newsroom Rue Frontenac;

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