dimanche 12 juin 2011

Story about the Grand Prix F1 of Canada 2011...

Grand Prix F1 of Canada finally took place despite heavy rain and the race was won, surprisingly, during the final turn by Jenson Button on McLaren.
The event 2011 has brought back the memories of a former Grand Prix to Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com).
"Years ago, I invited a celebrity from Quebec with me to F1 Grand Prix. It was a blazing sun and the girl was there in high heels and no hat. She did not really like her day or her sunburn...
In 2011, I watched the Grand Prix in front of the TV and I saw my "date" in the VIP galleries. She was with the organizer and she wore a beautiful hat for the sun. The problem is that it rained a deluge and boots would have been more helpful!
The time sometimes changes the order of things, but ultimately, it is often a repetition of the past! My old date was not more fortunate with a new companion at her side than she had been in my company.
With me it was a sun too hot and with her new date, it was the rain!
You could say that she is not lucky or that she has no sense of timing... "

Picture 1 and 2: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve ;

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