jeudi 2 juin 2011

F1 Grand Prix of Canada and luxury goods - Scotch Macallan

A few days from the Grand Prix F1 of Canada, several Luxury product companies are invading Montreal to present their brands to the media and to the journalists.
Alcoholic beverages, clothing and even sports cars grand style as Lanborgini, Ferrari or Porche organize media events.
Among the products that stand out, lets mention Scotch Single Malt Macallan and their renowned Highland Park 25. Macallan Ambassador for Canada, Marc Laverdiere, was very pleased to come meet the press in Montreal and he received his guests at the famous Queue de Cheval Restaurant ...
The F1 Grand Canada will be held June 12 on St. Helena Island Montreal. (Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve)

Photo 1 and 2: Marc Laverdière - Macallan
Photo 3: :Bernard Bujold with bottle Highland Park 25;
See official site Macallan ;
See website F1 Grand Prix ;

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