vendredi 20 août 2010

The White Dinner Montreal 2010...

The White Dinner of Montreal 2010 has been held August 19 at the little park in front of the Caisse de Depot - Quebecor - Power Corporation - Montreal Stock Exchange. A surprising secret location that brought together about 2,200 participants happy and festive!
"This small park is in a way "my" park (Bernard Bujold) and when I came back from tennis Rogers Cup, I was surprised to see it invaded by thousands of people dressed in white .... It was comical to see the area of finance give way to a giant dance party. "
Strangely too, everyone said to be at The Montreal White Party when in reality it is the Montreal White Dinner. Again this year the couples had to be "one man-one woman" and that rule does not appeal to certain groups including the gay community that organizes the real White Party in April every year.
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