mercredi 28 juillet 2010

"Life is unfair..." - BP's Former CEO to the journalists

The outgoing director of BP, Tony Hayward, believes that life is unfair and that his situation is comparable to that of a person who walks calmly on the sidewalk and who would suddenly be hit by a bus out of control ...
Hayward is 53 years and has worked for nearly 30 years with BP. He is not broke and following his demotion, he will receive severance departure of more than $ 1.6 million and a lifetime pension of $ 940,000 per year at 65 years old.
Negative aspect of his dismissal, he finds himself affected in Siberia starting October 1st to lead a small subsidiary of BP.
Life is tough ....
Top photo: Tony Hayward, Carl-Henric Svanberg (Chairman of BP) and the new manager Bob Dudley
Bottom photo: Tony Hayward
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