lundi 5 juillet 2010

Summer love... or love on a balcony!

The summer season is the mating season and picnics on the grass (or on the roofs).
One of the disadvantages of urban life, however, is having to share with its neighboring the parks and some of our privacy. And we can sometimes not help eavesdropping on our neighbors and their efforts to get love, at the risk of acting like an old gossip...
This was my case during the recent weekend when I found myself spy my buiding neighbourg who was trying to seduce a new acquaintance that he had invited on the residents shared balcony (very bad action to start the conquest because he was not alone with the girl ...). He also made other mistakes as well as to bring the lady on the roof with her glass of wine in her hand. He should have taken up the bottle with a cork shooting and carry himself the two empty glasses. He had also brought a box of cashew to accompany the wine... The girl asked him how it had calorie and she only took one, the boy ate the rest by himself. A good seducer would have brought little fresh grapes (preferably red). Another error, the suitor has to go back down to get the rest of the bottle of wine to his apartment and he had to leave the girl alone on the roof for at least 5 long minutes.
Result at the end of the afternoon: he was able to stole a little kiss very fast on the mouth but at the second attempt, she submitted her forehead. (Very bad sign ...) Final Conclusion: The girl started playing with her iPhone!

Photo 1 and 2: Two true lovers in a park in Old Montreal; Photo3:. My balcony but without the two contenders mentioned in my story...

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