mercredi 11 mars 2009

The history of a magazine -

The begins its 5th year! I am the creator of this project which has been initiated following a meeting with Richard Branson of Virgin. The project which had been proposed to him, in March 2005, has never materialized but the email magazine which was the essence of the approach is still surviving today.
This Email magazine is primarily a photographic platform which was inspired to me by French actress Isabelle Adjani. I met her in 2004 in Montreal on the occasion the World Film Festival.
On a more personal note, I wanted also prove to myself that I had not lost the ability to communicate. After the death, on 24 December 1997, of the press magnate of Quebec Pierre Péladeau (Quebecor Inc.), several people have said to consider Peladeau as vulgar and lacking in etiquette! Because I had been his personal assistant for nearly seven years and had always defended the quality of communication of this man, many criticized me for
that loyalty. Some have even refused to hire me because of this reason! is largely inspired by the techniques of communication taught me by Pierre Péladeau ...
(See Personal website of Bernard Bujold)

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