mardi 17 mars 2009

Ski Lessons by Conrad Black and Natasha Richardson

Initially, my editorial was to reflect only on the life of Conrad Black which I think have many similarities with skiing. The accident occurred to Natasha Richardson at Mont Tremblant, however, deeply upset me and I cannot write about skiing without mentioning her specially that I was at Tremblant a few days before her ...
But there is also a very close link between the Black and actress. In both cases, the tragedy should not happen and a time inattention has caused it.
One could compare Conrad Black’s life, as well as each of us life, to downhill skiing. We all start first at the bottom of the slope with the help of our parent as a lift. This step is very easy and less than one broken cable, nothing dramatic will happen. This moment is like childhood in our individual life. It is at the top of the ski slope that the situation becomes demanding and that everything will be influenced by our decisions. The top of the slopes is like adulthood.
We must choose the proper path to go down. All tracks are not of equal difficulty and sometimes, if we have not read the posters, we risk to put ourselves on a track that will be beyond our physical capabilities.
The story of my two best friends is a good example. One of them (Jocelyne) was with her sister (Miss X and the two enjoyed the sun of the mountain. They left themselves seduced by a small track that seemed very inviting and harmless. This track was actually easy until the first turning point where degree of tilt was changing very fast (to 42 degrees) and in addition, the circuit became covered with bumps several feet high. By mistake, the two skiers had undertaken on a competition track (2 Black Squares) for extreme sports.
Jocelyne's reaction was to stop and down hump in parallel position so as not to take acceleration. Her sister (Miss X) has decided instead to remove her skis and descend walking on the edge of the forest. The trip was a little long but it was better than reaching the bottom in a sledge emergency...
Every skier knows that downhill skiing requires his attention constantly on the track in order not to lose his balance by ice, a bump or another skier who go by us. Even a good skier often fall when he no longer monitors the track. Conrad Black makes me think of a skier who have choosen the wrong track, or was distracted when he felt out of attention. Once on the ground, he decided to accept his fall, to get up and quietly go down the hill depending on his available resources. This is a other rule of skiing: one must always remain calm when he falls and try to recover. But we must accept our fall and make choices accordingly thereafter.
Sometimes the consequences are more severe than expected and it is very unfortunate. The imprisonment of Conrad Black and Natasha's situation are both sad but life is so made and generally they are small events that determine large.
I invite you to read the interview given by Conrad Black and all my thoughts are with the actress Natasha Richardson and her family.
Bernard Bujold
Picture 2: Natasha Richardson
Picture 3: Mademoiselle X and her Jocelyne
Picture 4: Jocelyne Primeau
Picture 5: Bernard Bujold - Mont Tremblant

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