vendredi 7 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
The question that everyone is asking: Is it possible that a character as colorful as Donald Trump could become the next President of the United States? 
According to me, there is a possibility! 
I know the existence of Donald Trump since 1979 when I was interested in New York and business (I wanted to be an entrepreneur before being a journalist ...). 
I discovered Donald through the biography of his father Fred Trump, a large real estate entrepreneur from New -York in the Brooklyn and Queens, where he developed the concept of residential rental housing. A sort of Robert Campeau in the US style. 
The story of the father is as captivating as the one of his son. Both men, however, are totally different in terms of personality. Fred Trump was like Donald a man with an iron discipline but sober and discreet in its projects. Donald said he took the side of his mother and he is more theatrical ... 
Donald does not drink any alcohol or coffee. His brother died of alcoholism at the age of 45 years. 
To know the character of Donald Trump, just read his autobiography: THE ART OF THE DEAL published in 1987. Trump explains in the book his vision of the business world, communications and life. His personality and his world have not changed in any way today and one fully recognizes in the 2015 the Trump of the 1980. That is why the character is so effective at the public level. Donald has not invented nor looking for an style in the Republican campaign, he remains the one he is from its very beginning with his father. A man who is aggressive and a leader in his mind. 
Politically, Donald can easily be compared to Ronald Reagan. An character out of the normality of politics but with a lot of charisma on people. At the Quebec level, we could see a resemblance to Pierre Karl Péladeau. Both are coming from their father business and the two are outside the norm. Sometimes cheeky but they connect with the people. In a sense, they are modern heroes, rebels who rise up against conventional politicians. A story to be continued, in both cases! 
Photo 1: Book cover THE ART OF THE DEAL;
PHOTO 2 ET 4: Donald Trump ;
PHOTO 3: Fred Trump and his wife ;
PHOTO 5: One of theTRUMP Buildings;

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