vendredi 3 juillet 2015

The President of Quebec Bar and shoplifting

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
The case of the prosecution for shoplifting towards the President of the Quebec Bar, Mr. Lu Chan Khuong, is probably true. 
There are two categories of professionals who know the various tricks of thieves and it is the police and the lawyers. 
Personally I have known, in another life, several policemen including one with who I wanted to start a private detective agency. He knew all the thieves tricks and liked to tell about it... 
The ABC of shoplifting is easy to identify: 
1. change price tags; 
2. place the goods to be stolen in his personal bag; 
3. simply leave his old clothing in the dressing room and put on the new one to be stolen. 
The trick to pay twice a garment similar to the one we want out of the shop is a variation of trick 2 (personal bag). Presumably the article repaid twice will be much cheaper than what is hidden in the bag, hence the profit! 
The rules of non-prosecution program are also very accurate. The prosecutor must be fully convinced and have the strong evidence of the guilt about the accused before offering non-prosecution. 
1. This case is another big disappointment about the moral values ​​of the leaders of our society; 
2. How sad for the sympathetic Marc Bellemare who had already experienced the unjust humiliation in the case of his daughter Lysanne and organized crime ... " 
Photo 1: President of the Quebec Bar Lu Chan Khuong;
Photos 2 and 3: Store Simmons;
Photo 4: Marc Bellemare;
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