mardi 2 décembre 2014


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
The political climate in Quebec may return to the atmosphere from 1995 to the time when the referendum occupied all the media and public space. It will be recalled that the clans baffles were deep and harsh. One was for or against, but never neutral! 
Today in 2014, we can already feel, and increasingly around the path of Pierre-Karl Peladeau, that cleavage is being established again between the pro-independence and pro-federalists in Quebec.
I have already started receiving several calls in private or on my various social websites, reminding me that I should or I should not, support the son of Pierre Peladeau in his new political project for independence. Some of my correspondents are strongly in favor of PKP, others are deeply against him. Many are also quite curious about the secrets that I might have about the son of the founder of Quebecor... 
First let me be clear that I am not an enemy of PKP, nor his friend. So I look at his journey from the stands. 
I have always said that Pierre-Karl Peladeau is smarter than the average person and has successfully established himself in the management of Quebecor although those who had taken the place of Pierre Peladeau after his death did not want to give him the power. I am thinking of the old guard like Jean Neveu and Charles Albert Poissant. This is also in this war that I found myself when just days after the death of Pierre Peladeau, Jean Neveu had summoned me to his office to confirm that he wanted absolutely no business with me at the "new" Quebecor! Not even to take care of the parking garage... 
There's the part of the story about my little secret, among others, for the curious! 
Now on Pierre-Karl Peladeau, if I had been PKP, it is certain that I would have stayed in the management of Quebecor because he was the boss at a private empire. He chose politics and there is a whole world between business and politics. His father refused to solicit printing contracts with the government and he often said that democracy had nothing to do with business. 
I could see that for myself when I entered his service. I arrived from Ottawa being with Brian Mulroney. In politics, we get up in the morning and our agenda is influenced by the media and the news of the day. In business, the agenda is controlled by the one who owns the door handles... 
In politics, journalists always want to show that what the politician says is false; in business, journalists usually publish without questioning the company press releases. 
But the son of the founder of Quebecor decided to get into the political arena and he will fight. It will be a very exciting event to watch because PKP is in as aspiring champion. A high-level sports competition is always an enjoyable event to follow. 
As for my secret about PKP and Quebecor, it is the Omerta, at least for now... 
To be continued!! 
Photo 1 and 2: Pierre Karl Peladeau; Photo 3: Pierre Karl Peladeau, Julie Snyder and Jean Neveu; Photo 4: Pierre Peladeau and Bernard Bujold; Photo 5: Social Quebecor Headquarters;

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