vendredi 16 mai 2014

NEWSPAPERS OF LA PRESSE - End of the paper editions ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The end of the paper editions of the newspapers La Presse group was announced officially by the two son Desmarais owner of the media group in the Annual Meeting of Power Corp. 
The exact date has not been specified but it would be on their desks... 
They intend to focus on online activities such as LaPresse+ and they will permanently close regional newspapers as Le Droit and Le Soleil. 
The Internet has completely transformed the market for paper advertising. 
In total $ 40 million were spent to create the Press + . But the more complicated about this strategy is that the profitability of all process will be made ​​by the paper and printing economy... In a sense, this is like selling his large country house at a loss to buy a condo in the city at full price by saying that over the coming years, the cost that will be saved in heating and maintenance will make a profit on the new condo... 
A meeting with the unions is at the agenda on May 20 in Montreal... 
To be continued! 
Photo 1, 2 and 3 : Building La Presse Montreal ;
Photo 4: Guy Crevier ;
Photo 5 : Paul Jr. and André Desmarais ;
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