mardi 8 avril 2014

QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 - Predictions of the vote and official results...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Quebec has elected a new prime minister until 2018, Philippe Couillard ! 

Liberal Party 70 
Parti Québécois 30 
CAQ 22 
Québec Solidaire 3 

The electoral vote of Monday, April 7 will therefore form the next Government of National Assembly of Quebec. We can not say that Couillard won the election but rather it is Pauline Marois and her team who lost it... 
It is customary for lovers of politics, as if it were a sporting event, to try to predict the outcome of the vote. I almost got the perfecta horse racing with my prediction. 

MY PREDICTION 7 April 2014 ( dated April 5) was : 
Liberal Party majority : 70 members
Parti Québécois : 32 Members 
CAQ ; 20 Members 
Québec solidaire : 3 Members 
Total: 125 members 
My prediction was the sum of all means of communications : surveys, statistical analyzes , internet and conventional media.  

- Upon termination of March 5, 2014 by Pauline Marois, the Assembly was: 
PQ 54 
LIB 50 
CAQ 19 
QS 2 

 - From 2008 to 2012 the government of Jean Charest was composed of: 
LIB 66 
PQ 51 
Democratic Action (CAQ) 7 
QS 1 

Philippe Couillard victory with more than 70 members is a historic event and is the largest majority since 2003 when Jean Charest had obtained 76 deputies against 45 Péquistes and 1 ADQ (Mario Dumont ). 
Political power struggles are far from over. The new war will be the one for the selection of a new party leader for PQ and already, although the departure of Pauline Marois was not announced, the contenders began upon the election night their struggle for leadership, a battle that will be very tough ! All political observers have noted and mentioned in their respective media, the disrespect to Marois by this action of the contenders : 
" ... the body is not yet cold, but already they argue its property and clothing ... " 
One could compare this situation to the famous Shakespearean text : 
" ... I come to bury Caesar , not to praise him ... " 
This sentence of Shakespeare applies perfectly to the end of Pauline Marois. One should have noticed when Pauline gives PKP a kiss on stage the night of her defeat. Pauline's eyes after a short and cold embrace says it all. This is Caesar to Brutus... 
Stay tuned!
Photo 1: Building of the National Assembly of Quebec ;
Photo 2: Pauline Marois, Philippe Couillard, François Legault et Françoise David;
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