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QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 - Candidacy of Pierre-Karl Peladeau

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Pauline Marois just "scored" a big goal by having as a candidate for her political party the owner of Quebecor inc. , Pierre- Karl Peladeau. But we will have to wait and see if the stunt is bringing votes at the end of the current election campaign. 
Indeed, if Pierre- Karl Peladeau is definitely a star candidate, it may also be very violent in his manager decisions and he has several ideological enemies even within the Parti Quebecois and union sector. The most obvious negative sentiment towards Peladeau is related to the lockout during almost two years at the Journal de Montreal and the elimination of nearly 200 jobs (165 eliminated on 227 employees at the beginning of the conflict). 
The response to the candidacy of PKP did not took long among opponents and many are calling Peladeau an anti-workers. Presumably all unions in Quebec and their members will be in disagreements with this bid. Pierre- Karl Peladeau will run in St -Jérôme, the Constituency that was represented by the Parliament member and former head of the Montreal police, Jacques Duchesneau . 
Personally, if I pretty much knew Pierre - Karl Peladeau while I was assistant to his father, I never talked to him intimately since the death of Pierre Peladeau in 1997. 
However, I agree with the comments written by the journalist from La Presse, Jean -Philippe Decarie, who was one of the star journalists at the Journal de Montreal before the lockout. (see text below) 
Jean -Philippe knew PKP and his father very well and his comment about the candidacy of PKP is accurate. The text describes exactly what I experienced with PKP. 
He is smarter than the average person and has a very quick wit temper for competition. In English, we call this way : "The Killer Instinct ". We can thus conclude that if Peladeau is elected, the biggest losers will be ambitious PQ militants as Bernard Drainville and Jean -François Lisée who dreamed to replace one day the current leader Pauline Marois. 
Pierre- Karl Peladeau never plays to be on the bench and it is a natural leader who knows how to win and eliminate the competition. PKP also has a particular behavior in his fights. He knows how to assess its strengths and those of his opponents and he began rarely, if ever,  a war that it would not be won in advance. Behavior experts say that this feature is characteristic of leaders. 
You could compare PKP to all major significant leaders who also have the qualities of their negative sides, and in the case of PKP, his negatives, according to me, were motivated by years of difficult relationship with his father. 
Moreover, the two political provincial parties, Liberals and PQ are currently tied in the intentions of vote according to a survey dated March 8 , which would produce another minority government as before... 
CROP- Radio Canada also believes that the arrival of Pierre -Karl Peladeau will create a net left-right division and the debate will drift to sovereignty which will disadvantage the Parti Quebecois at the final. 
The day of the decisive vote is Monday, April 7th... 
Stay tuned!
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