mercredi 25 septembre 2013


By Bernard Bujold ( -
Catherine Lafrance just published her second novel: "Le Retour de l'Ours" by Druide Editor. The book will be released in bookstores October 2. 
The book is written in the style and quality of the books like Paulo Coelho especially his novel "The Alchemist". The story of Catherine Lafrance highlights the mysterious side of life and human beings and the importance of listening to his intuitions and his inner voice. The book is a book that will last over time because it raises universal questions on life, death and the return things in time and the nature of the earth. The book is also a message of encouragement to women. The book is destined for a bright future and he has everything to become a bestseller! 
Photo 1 and 3 Book Le Retour de l'Ours;
Photo 2: Catherine Lafrance;
See full interview with Catherine Lafrance - ;

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