mercredi 7 août 2013

The model of the new Washington Post and the future of newspapers ...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
The formula that will adopt the new Washington Post could become the new form of survival for all North American newspapers!
The sale of the prestigious Washington Post to the creator Amazon could be a significant turning point in the path of newspapers and their search for a new profitability in today's world dominated by the Internet and new media. However, the result will have to be seen.
Two factors, however, are certain: 1. Jeff Bezos is rich, 2: He was able to make his company Amazon the leader unrivaled in the industry.
To be continued...
Photo 1 and 2: The Washington Post;
Photo 3: Katharine Weymouth;
Photo 4: Jeff Bezos and Donald Graham;
See story The New York Times ;

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