mardi 11 septembre 2012

BIN LADEN September 11 / 2001-2012 (11 years)

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
It is today, 11 years ago that occurred the tragedy of September 11 in New York. Since then, bin Laden was found and killed by American soldiers and one of the soldiers has just published the story of the night raid at the secret residence of the terrorist (NO EASY DAY). A captivating story that demonstrates that the key to success was the quick response and especially the change of plan in action by the US soldiers. 
If there is a conclusion, is that the "plan A" risk generally not to work and you always have to have other plans of action. Weapons that block are often the cause of the failure of the first plan. In some cases, however, it is fortunate that the attacker has no plan B as in the case of the tragedy of the Metropolis in Montreal...
 Photo 1: Bin Laden;
Photo 2: Cover of NO EASY DAY;
Photo 3: Barack Obama and his team during the raid;
Photo 4: Bin Laden;
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