samedi 14 avril 2012

SNC Lavalin and their adventures like John Le Carré...

The engineering firm SNC Lavalin is in crisis and while many financial analysts have serious concerns about a possible liquidation like Nortel, other observers see the situation of SNC Lavalin similar to secret stories worthy of a novel by John Le Carre ... Mysterious characters that walk from Libya via Tunisia, Montreal, Mexico and elsewhere. To add to the suspense of the descent by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Friday at the offices of senior executives of the company, some can suggest the presence in the building of SNC Lavalin's Montreal offices of the Consulate of the United States, the enemy number one of Colonel Gaddafi! 
To imagine spies on a secret mission in the consulate, there is not a long distance ... for John Le Carre! 
Photo 1.2 and 3: Building Montreal SNC Lavalin;
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