vendredi 23 décembre 2011

The departure of Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte of Montreal

Montreal Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte is officially retired but since his replacement was not appointed, he continues to act as leader.
Bernard Bujold ( has known the Cardinal:
"I'm not a practicing Catholic, but I liked the Cardinal Turcotte who is not an intellectual, nor a religious ... He is a former athlete who has practiced boxing and loves detective novels. I have offered once to him the Tom Wolfe - A Man in Full.
We are far from the serious reading of Benedict XVI!
Turcotte loves life and he was good friend of journalist Michel Vastel (1940-2008 )..."
Despite his resignation, Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte will preside at the 2011 Midnight Mass broadcast on Radio-Canada and Eurovision. The celebration will come from Repentigny (Lanaudière) in one of the oldest churches built in Quebec in 1725.
The soloist will be Raphaelle Paquette (opera singer).

Photo 1 and 2: Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte ;
Photo 3: Basilica Marie Reine du Monde ;

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