mardi 25 octobre 2011

LA PRESSE in 2011

The group La Presse of Montreal launched (Tuesday, October 25, 2011) its new website.
The goal to bring together all the communication tools of La Presse in one is a great idea. This action probably go toward the objective to eventually eliminate the paper edition.
Unfortunately for the management of La Presse, their launch has had some problems because the pictures did not fit on the various web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
La Presse wants to consolidate its position as number one media in Quebec where it has come to dominate so far.
The website that threatened them most was the old format of Rue Frontenac in the days when the locked out journalists of Le Journal de Montreal were running it. It is no longer the case since the end of the conflict and the departure of the team to other various media. Two of them are now at La Presse: Fabrice de Pierrebourg and Jean Philippe Decarie.
Meanwhile, the team went to make a last visit to the old bulletin board of paper La Presse.
To be continued ...

Photo: Team at La Presse ;
Photo 2: Building La Presse ;
Photo 3: Logo of La Presse ;

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