mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Tribute to Audrey Best (1960-2011)

Audrey Best (50 years) represented the Montreal woman and her death marks a turning point in the political history of Quebec.
Bernard Bujold have known Audrey when she was the wife of Premier Lucien Bouchard:
"Audrey Best loved life and had adopted Quebec, particularly Montreal, where she remained after her separation with Lucien Bouchard.
The couple was beautiful but it could not really function in daily life.
Lucien is an intellectual who likes to read and discuss the ideas of the world while Audrey, 20 years younger and a California girl, loved to be active and she enjoyed the social life. I remember a story when the couple attended a private party in the Laurentians. There were fifty guests at the residence of a wealthy businessman in front of a small lake. Audrey decided to accept the invitation of the owner and to go water skiing. She had practiced this sport before but because there was a dozen children seated in the outboard, the boat could not accelerate quickly, which prevented Audrey to take the momentum out of the water with her skis. After four or five attempts, one had to see Lucien on the shore angry shouting at Audrey to stop and come back and talk quietly with guests rather than playing on the lake and risking an accident.
Audrey had persisted and finally she managed to make her ride.
For its part, Lucien continued to dig with his cane on the dock and he did not stop to repeat to the guests around him that it made no sense ...
I saw Audrey a few times after her separation and on occasion in the company of a well known restaurant owner from Montreal.
I heard about Audrey's disease along with the announcement of her death!
For me, it's as if a part of Montreal vanished with her departure "
Photo 1: Audrey Best
Photo 2,3: Lucien Bouchard and Audrey Best
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