dimanche 10 janvier 2010

The future of the team

The team LeStudio1.com is decimated but all members pursue their own individual adventures. Many of you we have written for more information on the subject. Here are the details:

-The creator and publisher Bernard Bujold decided to go back on the job market and he is currently searching for employment. Notice to those interested! (See his biography)

-Miss-X is already back on the professional circuit and she is now working as a communication specialist for a large international accounting firm.

-Jacques Robert continues with its various projects in photography and he travel extensively between Montreal and Europe.

-The poet and songwriter Louis Royer continues the weekly presentation of his shows "La chanson vivante" presented every Sunday night in Montreal.

-The mysterious computer expert is unfortunately completely disappeared from circulation and LeStudio1.com has lost track of her ... (Just as in the novel Millennium with Lisbeth Salender)

-The reporter and blogger David, singer Christine and all the other members of the team since 2005 continues each their respective projects.

-Finally, the financial partner and supporter of LeStudio1.com died at the end of 2008 but his memory continues to be a source of encouragement and inspiration for many people, both in Canada and around the world. He however asked to keep anonymity for its support to the project LeStudio1.com and we respect his wish in not disclosing his name ...

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