vendredi 10 juillet 2009

Heritage convoted...Michael Jackson and

The death of people cause actions that are sometimes cruel and highlight the "scavenger" aspect of survivors. The case of Michael Jackson is an example of such individuals in search of bargains. His death has created the expectation of earnings for many friends and relatives, who believe they can profits legacy ...
I met many other artists who have been targeted by “heritage hunter " including my friend the artist Vittorio Fiorucci. He died without money and yet his career was immense. After his death, I received several emails from people asking me how they could contact his executor to purchase cheap some parts of his work, among others, his famous collection of toys.
Vittorio often told me about the exploitation he has been regularly a victim during his career and of people who had bought his art at low prices while he was in financial difficulty. People offered him an amount far below the real value because they knew Vittorio has an urgent need for money. Once dead, it was the race for heritage and many have boasted of having helped him during his living whereas this was not the case. I find this behavior to say the least "discusting." is not immune to this kind of behavior. Recently, we have transformed the operation of the magazine in a "low maintenance level". This means that we now publish as a "blog" rather than a magazine because we were unable to find financial partners capable or willing to develop the project in convergence on a larger scale. The information has been circulating in the business community that we were closing and soon I started receiving phone calls from people who wanted to buy, at a discount for a few hundred dollars, some elements of the magazine, in particular the subscribers list. This list of addresses has over 60 000 e-mail addresses functional and current. Approximately 80% of addresses are from Montreal and 20% are elsewhere in Europe (Paris) and the United States (New York - Washington).
The site is almost dormant and it continues to operate as a weekly blog, but we have no employees and the entire site is managed automatically by various computer programs. In theory, it is still for sale but we are not talking $ 500 or $ 5,000. During the 5 years, an estimated $ 250,000 investment has been made by the group to mount the platform and expand the list of addresses. Initially, we wanted to associate with a large media group and we met with about a hundred people in the last 5 years. People wanted simply an exchange of services as the local sites proposed to share their lists of address in exchange of partnership, or for large groups, all have chosen to develop their site with their own internal resources. The only way to succeed financially on the Internet is to have the content and only the big media groups have the means but they are all in financial difficulties ... A large service company, like a hotel chain or commercial institution could also use and maintain a website as but there should be a convergence between the company's products and the list of subscribers of the site, as well as a desire to invest.
At its beginning, consisted of a team of 5 partners, but today the priorities of each member of the group are elsewhere. The financier died recently, the expert in magazine returned to live in France, the computer expert is out of Montreal, Miss X is retired and I do something else for a living! I still have fun with in my spare time, since I'm the only still active partner, but I will probably abandon the project within the next coming month. I will simply put the address list to sleep on a hard drive and say goodbye to subscribers. Certainly, I will not give the list of subscribers in heritage, nor to sell it for a few dollars. Better to bury it in style and with dignity. It is also go with the respect of the subscribers who many are receiving the newsletter since the first days in March 2005.
Note: For the legend, I would add that it is thanks to Isabelle Adjani if was established in 2005. I photographed the great actress on the occasion of her visit to the World Film Festival of Montreal and the publication of my photos on her personal website in France inspired me to create my own site.
Bernard Bujold
Picture 1: Michael Jackson
Picture 2: Mademoiselle X dans sa résidence
Picture 3: Bernard Bujold and the mascots

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