vendredi 26 juin 2009

The pleasure of aging...The Anniversary of Bernard Bujold

There can be no illusion, there is no greater wealth in life than the youth! But for those who are aging, we must also discover the right side of the age, because any way, we cannot go back and rejuvenate ...
Personally, I passed the milestone of 50 years old a few years ago but every summer, to the occasion of my birthday on June 28, I take stock of my life. This is my romantic side!
At the outset, my greatest achievement is to be the father of two children. Strangely, this event was also one of the most painful of my life because I divorced in 1991 and I could not see my son and my daughter grow up. David was born in 1982 and Stephanie in 1983. Do I regret having divorced, no but if I have an advice for young people it is to choose your spouse, by love only and for no other reason! For those who wonder about the two mascots, yes they are inspired by my two children. Mr. X is the image of my son David and the mascot Miss Gym is the image of my daughter Stephanie. David is a "wizard" in Computer and Internet and he was an important collaborator with Stephanie is engaged and she works in marketing.
Youth is also without doubt the defining moment in life. These are the times when the decisions that we take at the age of 20 will influence all our lives up to its end. The choice of a profession, the appropriate studies, the discovery of our passions, our mate, etc… So many decisions sometimes taken lightly, but which will have inevitable consequence and almost irremediable throughout our adult lives.
But if we made mistakes, how to correct the situation? I say that life is like a trip to drift on the river and the only option is with the current. We try to stay floated and hope that we will avoid the rocks and dead trees. In this sense, the only way to correct the errors of life is to be lucky! The chance to survive the obstacles that are on our way and turn them into positive events or at least to survive the disaster. But luck is not really a matter of choice. I have already written: "One does not choose to welcome the chance but it is the Chance who chose us." This phenomenon is also increasingly recognized by scientists and it seems that some employers ask when interviewing potential candidates: "Do you are naturally lucky in life?"
The chance may take several aspects but it is essential to succeed in life, even if we had made the right decisions in our youth. Without luck, the most logical decisions will become dismal failures, and sometimes tragic! The chance may be as significant as not to board the flight of aircraft which will crash into the ocean (Air France) or as simple as finding a $ 5 bill on sidewalk. When one exceeds his fifties, we are often asked if we have any regrets? I answer that we should not pity on failures and that no one should believe that he is totally responsible for his success. Obviously it is a simple answer but it sums up the reality of life. This life is in itself inexplicable and generally cruel and unpredictable. How to explain, for example, acts of violence among men? While religions should be the vehicle of love and friendship between humans, they are the source of all ills, including terrorism and wars!
Is there life after death, or is it that life boils down to our only passage on earth. As Dr. House would say, there is a good chance that life is nothing more than our experiences of the present moment. If you make a mistake and that there is an after-life, then we will really have the "luck" and we will continue our journey forever ... But as once said Bernard Arnault (the husband of the pianist Hélène Mercier from Montreal): "... On earth, we must take care of the living ones ..."
Thank you all for the good wishes that you wrote to me regarding my anniversary and as I have often said: “I am still fighting! "
Regarding my favorites pleasures, it is not skydiving ... I prefer a quiet dinner with friends, good wine, and once the visit left her home, quietly read a book, magazine or newspaper ... paper!
Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold and the mascots Miss Gym et Monsieur X
Photo 2: David and Stéphanie Bujold
Photo 3: Mademoiselle X and the mascots

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