mardi 24 février 2009

The party with Barack Obama!

The city of Ottawa has lived at the time of the party and especially at the time of Barack Obama. All those who know the area know that the people of this city are very welcoming and in despite of a false reputation for austerity. Ottawa is a city of celebration !
The recent visit of U.S. President looked disappointing for the people of the place as no public demonstration was planned. It took the initiative of the President himself to change the situation and add a historic moment to his visit. Barack Obama is a man who likes to discover and he could not come to Ottawa without walking down the street if only briefly.
But contrary to what many may believe, it was not his first visit to the country. Barack had come in 2004 to attend the wedding of his sister whose family spouse lives in Burlington Ontario. It seems that he loved Toronto. Unfortunately for Quebecers, Obama does not speak French ...
He promised to return but he would like the temperature a little warmer.
And this is a strong possibility especially since he made friend with our Governor General Michaëlle Jean who he invited to the White House with his family. Obviously the two share the same culture of black people and one had to expect a friendship between the two.
A great summer into perspective!
Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: The Hill in Ottawa
Photo 2: Fans in the ByWard Market
Photo 3: Barack Obama and his family - His sister Maya Soetoro-Ng
Photo 4: Barack Obama and Michaëlle Jean

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